Tail Docking Sytems


Tail Dock Systems are designed in accordance with the ten jack-on wheel requirements for accessing Rudder, APU, Passenger Doors and all other parts of the tail in accordance with A330, A350, A340, A320, B737, B777 and B787 model airplanes.

It can be designed from an aluminum body or scaffolding system on an iron chassis. The platforms that make up the dock system are designed to be used alone or in different combinations with other platforms.

Optionally, the height adjustment of each part is controlled by both a screw jack and an electric motor. It can also be manufactured as fixed. All electrically powered hoists have limiters to limit all movements.

The surface of the tail dock system can be manufactured from non-slip 20 mm thick plywood or all aluminum material. There is a (d) non-marking silicone bumper material at every point of the tail dock system that will come into contact with the aircraft.

You can also benefit from our exploration and professional assembly services in your hangar.