Train Maintenance Platform


The Train Maintenance Platform is designed to access the train from all angles for maintenance, repair, cleaning and assembly services.

It is produced in a way that completely surrounds the body part of the train on both sides. Product width, length and height can be manufactured in requested dimensions. It is produced in the form of complete or divided parts, fixed or mobile. It can also be used for different types of trains by adding sliding or opening parts. Additional exit ladders or mobile platforms can be added to the system.

Fixed or height adjustable options are available. In order to prevent damage to the train, the areas in contact with the train are covered with rubber bumpers. Fully industrial stabilizers are used to fix the platform to the ground.

The step surface may vary according to the usage area and need. The step width can be optionally selected between 80 mm – 250 mm. Railings can be manufactured in a fully collapsible structure. A kick guard can be added to prevent materials from falling down.

Additional security measures such as coloring, reflector, warning label can be added to the product.