Machine Use and Maintenance Platforms


Machinery Use and Maintenance Platforms, factories, industrial facilities, etc. It is designed for the use and maintenance of machines located in places. Machine Platforms are produced as fixed or mobile and it is aimed to provide maximum efficiency.

By presenting 3D detailed project work before production, it is aimed to be mounted in a 100% compatible manner without any damage to the machine.

The platforms, which are manufactured from high-strength and long-lasting sigma channels with mechanical connection method, provide you with a working environment in accordance with TÜV SÜD EN 131 -7 standards and occupational health and safety.

The platform surfaces of the products may vary according to the area they will serve. Special platform and step options are available for wet, oily or chemical contact surfaces.

Product height, width, step depth may vary according to the project, railings can be manufactured as fixed or sliding.

We have on-site exploration, project design and professional assembly services.