Safety Cage Ladders-Platform and Railings


Safety Cage Ladders (Ship's Ladders) are designed for safe access to high areas that are difficult to reach.

Aluminum cage application is made on one piece aluminum ladder with EN 131 certificate. Optionally, resting platforms and guardrail applications can be added to the design of the product.

Safety Cage Ladders can be mounted on a wall, silo, tower or tank with anchorage (Wall support plate) connections. Ladders with safety cages made of aluminum considerably reduce the load on the structure and provide you with a safe and long-lasting access opportunity.

In addition to the Ladder with Safety Cage applications, we also have railing applications for silos and similar structures and areas that are not suitable for occupational safety. Our material options are determined according to the area used and the work to be done.

We have on-site exploration and project design works, and you can get support from our professional team for assembly service.