Adjustable Platform


Adjustable platforms are also called as tanker ladders. Platform height can be easily adjusted with the help of a pulley mechanism. You can easily access on the tanker from the platform at the top. 

While working on the tanker, it provides a safe working area thanks to the guardrails that are connected to the platform and completely surround you. Handrails on both sides of the ladder ensure a safe ascent and descent. The special hinge lock system on the rung provides you extra security during use.

The lower chassis is made of iron profiles, the rest of the structure is made of special sigma aluminum profiles. It has special stabilizers and swivel lockable castors. It has a carrying capacity of 150 kg.

This specially designed product can be produced also in different sizes according to need of your project in your company.


 A (m.)B (m.)C (m.)D (m.)E (m.)F (cm.)(kg.)