THS Compartment Door And APU Zone Access Stands


It is designed to access THS Compartment Door And APU Sections and is manufactured from lightweight and reinforced aluminum sigma profiles.

Compatible with Airbus A320 / A330 / A340 / A350 Boeing 737-800 / Boeing 737-700 model airplanes. Thanks to its height adjustment, it can be used in different aircraft types. Upgrade options are available with screw jack, electric motor or hydraulic components.

Our products aim to keep both you and the workplace safe. Our products are equipped with the highest security measures in order to prevent occupational accidents, and all points that may contact the aircraft are covered with a special silicone bumper material that does not leave any traces.

The dimensions and material qualities of the products can be designed in accordance with your intended use. All dimensions of the product can be specially designed according to your demands and wishes and presented to you with a 3D project.