FWD and AFT Cargo Access Stands


The FWD and AFT Access Stand is designed for aircraft access to the AFT Cargo Door and FWD sections.

Compatible with Airbus A320 / A330 / A340 / A350 Boeing 737-800 / Boeing 737-700 model airplanes. Thanks to its height adjustment, it can be used in different aircraft types. Upgrade options are available with screw jack, electric motor or hydraulic components.

FWD and AFT Access Stand is designed as safe and light with an aluminum body on an iron chassis. Thanks to the drawbar, it can be towed on the apron and in the hangar.

Railings can be designed as folding or sliding.

FWD and AFT Access Stand are equipped with all kinds of security measures and allow effective operation. All points that may come into contact with the aircraft are covered with a special non-marking silicone bumper material.

The dimensions and material qualities of the FWD and AFT Access Stand can be designed in accordance with your intended use. All dimensions of the product can be specially designed according to your demands and wishes and presented to you with a 3D project.